Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering

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In the first and second years, students learn the basic subjects along with some specialized subjects. Particularly in the research project in the latter term of the second year, research training occurs with an individual research theme in the field of electrical and electronic information. From the third year, students join from colleges etc., and all students learn the main specialty subjects. In the fourth year, students learn the specialized subjects for each course (electronic materials, electrical systems, integrated electronics and information and communication system) and graduation research is conducted until the middle of the latter term, and subsequently, in-service training is carried out at a national laboratory, local authority or private laboratory where the students can learn the actual development and research of businesses.

General Subjects

Introduction to Engineering Engineering and Science Laboratory Differential and Integral Calculus Physics Chemistry
Introduction to Physical Education and Sports Introduction to Philosophy Asian History Introduction to Japanese Literature Psychology
Jurisprudence Social Science Life Science and Chemistry Environmental Science Environmental Science
English French Chinese Introductory Engineering Statistics Business Administration
Microeconomics Macroeconomics Entrepreneurship Ethics for Engineering  

Special Subjects

Common Subjects

Linear algebra Probability and Statistics Applied Mathematical Analysis Complex Function Theory Electromagnetism
Electrical Circuit Electronic Circuit Logic Circuitry Numeric Analysis Quantum Mechanics
Inorganic Chemistry Physical Chemistry Information Theory and Coding Control Engineering Introduction to Information and Communication Technology
Programming Descriptive Geometry Design and Drawing of Electric Machine Laws for Electric Utility Reliability Engineering
Electromagnetic Wave Engineering New Energy Engineering Bioelectronics Engineering Electrical Power Engineering Engineering of Energy Generation
Statistical thermodynamics RF Circuit Engineering Signal Processing Electric Measurement Computer Architecture
Electric Machinery Experimental Practice for Electrical,
Electronic and Information Engineering
Electronic and Information Engineering Seminar
Basic English in Technology and Science Research Project Supervised Research On-the-job Training  

Subjects for Electronic Materials Course

Electrochemistry Solid State Electronics Physics of Electric Material Spectroscopic Analysis Measurement and Instrumentation

Subjects for Electrical Systems Course

Ionized Gas High Voltage Engineering Physics of Electric Material Measurement and Instrumentation Electrochemistry

Subjects for Integrated Electronics Course

Solid State Electronics Integrated Circuit Engineering Physics of Electric Material Semiconductor Electronics Measurement and Instrumentation

Subjects for Information and Communication System Course

Communication Engineering Information Networks Embedded Systems Measurement and Instrumentation Integrated Circuit Engineering