Associate Professors
Assistant Professors


Electronic Materials Course

Advanced Materials Science Laboratory

  •   Matsuda, Atsunori

    • Advanced amorphous materials
    • Inorganic-organic hybrid materials
    • All-solid-state new batteries

    Kawamura, Go

    • Plasmonic photocatalyst
    • Liquid phase synthesis
      Hikima, Kazuhiro

    • Reaction mechanism analysis of next-generation battery such as all-solid-state battery, fuel cell and metal-air battery


Spin Elecronics Group

  Uchida, Hironaga

  • Magnetooptical materials with enhanced functions by introducing structures
  • Magnetooptical holographic 3D display
  • Optical coherence tomography with analytical functions
  •  Medical care support system
  Nakammura, Yuichi

  • Functional materials and processing
  • Development of magnetic hologram memory
  • Spin caloritronics
  Yasunaga, Hiroki

  • Development of an optical coherence tomography system with spectral function
  • Development of medical support systems
  Lim Pang Boey

  • Development of holographic memory
  • Evaluation of hologram material
  • Collinear holography technology


Nano-Quantum Opto-Electronics Group

  Yatsui, Takashi
  • Nano-scale light mater interaction
  • Diamond spin quantum sensor
  • High performance photodetector for automated drive system
  • Near-field assisted artificial photosynthesis
  Katsumi, Ryota

  • Diamond NV quantum sensor
  • Novel devices based on optical near field



Electroanalytical Chemistry Laboratory

  Hattori, Toshiaki

  • Electroanalytical chemistry
  • Characterization of polyelectrolyte


Processing and Instrumental Mechanics Laboratory

  • Muto, Hiroyuki
  • Development of nano-structure controlled functional ceramics
  • Deformation mechanisms and processes of structural ceramics

Optical Sensing and Photochemistry Laboratory Group

  • Kato, Ryo
  • Anion and pesticide sensing by chemical sensor
  • Molecular recognition at the interface gas sensing by polymer nanofiber

Electrical Systems Course

Clean Energy Conversion Laboratory

  • Inada, Ryoji
  • Next-generation lithium-ion batteries
  • Oxide-based all-solid-state batteries
  • Multivalent-ion batteries


Plasma Energy System Laboratory

  • Takikawa, Hirofumi
  • Vacuum plasma and its application: functional thin films
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma and its application: Agriculture
  • Forecast and its system related to Solar energy and weather
  Harigai, Toru

  • Advanced plasma process for thin film deposition
  • Etching technology using interaction between plasma and nano-interface
  • Functional creation of carbon-based thin films
  Bando, Takahiro

  • Vacuum plasma and its application: functional thin films
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma and its application: Agriculture
  • Forecast and its system related to Solar energy and weather


Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation System Laboratory

  • Murakami, Yoshinobu
  • Measurement on dielectrics and electrical insulation
  • Development of functional insulating materials
  Kawashima, Tomohiro

  • Cryogenic electrical insulation
  • Measurement technique for electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena




Integrated Electronics Course

Integrated Biosensor and MEMS Group

  • Sawada, Kazuaki
  • Bio-sensing devices
  • Smart CMOS/CCD image sensors
  • Multi-modal sensors
  • Choi, Yong-Joon
  • Multi-wavelength image sensors
  • Biosensing devices

Integrated Biosensor and MEMS Group

  • Takahashi, Kazuhiro
  • BioMEMS sensor
  • MEMS-based optical devices


Integrated Photonic Device Group

  • Ishikawa, Yasuhiko
  • Micro-photonic devices based on Si CMOS technology
  • Epitaxial growth and photonic device application of silicon germanium
  • Silicon photonic integrated circuits
  • Yamane, Keisuke
  • III-V-N/Si heteroepitaxy for multi-junction solar cells
  • Substrate engineering for opto-electronics
  • Piedra Lorenzana José Alberto
  • Crystal growth of semiconductor thin films
  • Photonic devices for optical communications


Opto-Electronic Group

  • Sekiguchi, Hiroto
  • Heteroepitaxial nitride-based devices
  • Semiconductor nanostructure for optical devices



Integrated circuit Group

  • Kawano, Takeshi
  • Neural interface devices
  • Nanoscale neuroprobes
  • Integration of micro/nano devices


Applied Physical Properties and process Laboratory

  • Okada, Hiroshi
  • Compound semiconductor based electronic devices and integrated systems
  • Nano materials and fabrication processes for electronic devices


Integrated Biosensor and MEMS Group

  • Noda, Toshihiko
  • Integrated multimodal sensor
  • Machine learning-based multimodal sensing




Information and Communication Systems Course

Custom Computing Systems Laboratory

  • Ichikawa, Shuichi
  • Custom computing & special-purpose computer architecture
  • System security and information security
  •  Parallel processing and high performance computing



Wireless Communications Laboratory

  • Uehara, Hideyuki
  • Wireless access protocols
  • Wireless multihop communications
  • Wireless sensing systems
  • Komatsu, Kazuki
  • Physical layer techniques for wireless communication systems
  • Radio frequency nonlinear systems


Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Laboratory

  • Tamura, Masaya
  • Microwave circuits
  • Wireless power transfer


Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory

  • Takeuchi, Keigo
  • Wireless communications
  • Multi-antenna systems
  • Space-time signal processing


Smart Systems Laboratory

  • Shao, Xun
  • Edge computing technologies
  • Smart systems development
  • Computer networks



Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory

  • Haga, Nozomi
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Body-centric wireless
  • Computational electromagneticshttp://♯